Areas of Law

This is not a service for every question.  We are comprised of lawyers and relationships to focus on answering legal questions affecting businesses.  We discuss various kinds of contracts, employment issues, legal demand letters, partnership questions, state/federal law compliance questions and certain international business matters.  We do not handle lawsuits. 

Typical Tasks

Contract review/drafting, collections letters, termination letters, lease reviews, trademark questions, employment manuals, letters to IRS, letters to Dept of Labor, discuss lawsuit threats, enforce non-compete, review franchise agreement, partnership agreements, company formation questions and much, much more.


Nationwide throughout the USA.  We are continuing to expand our relationships to serve businesses throughout the United States.  If you have a question regarding current service areas, please contact us at and let us know what state you are in to see how we can help.

Cost Controls

Many of our attorneys have worked at the high-priced law firms and they understand how hard it is to pay those expensive bills.  We here at BLA don't believe the legal helps for your business need to be out of reach.  We want you to control your legal costs and plan for a better business future with the protections you need!